We are the parents of an only child – Benjamin, who was just two years old when we first arrived in Wassenaar. Upon arrival our most immediate concern was finding a safe and nurturing environment for our child.Over two years later, we look back at our son’s experience at the Willows as one of the most rewarding portions of our expatriate assignment in Europe. Without the peace of mind provided by Ginny and her staff we doubt we could have had such a rewarding experience in Europe.Each day we could drop Ben off at the Willows, not only did we know he was in safe environment – we also knew he was in a school characterized by compassion and learning. This was even more evident, when Ben would ask when he could go to school each morning.For this and countless other reasons we give our full recommendation to The Willows as an exceptional school for your child. We offer this recommendation without reservation and invite you to call us if you would like to discuss anytime at your convenience.

​Sincerely yours,Melissa, Jim & Ben
Willows has a very special place in our hearts. The small, nurturing environment has provided our daughters with individualized attention. This positive setting has not only built their confidence, but also made them feel loved by the caring teachers. When mentioning Willows a smile spreads across both Isabel and Ava’s faces. It is our hope that our third child, Jackson, will get the privilege of being a student here as well.

​Thank you The Keppler Family Matt, Amber, Ava, Isabel and Jackson
We can’t thank Ginny and her staff enough for making Willows such a warm and nurturing place for Benjamin. She has been bright spot and a tremendous help in the last three months since we’ve moved to the Netherlands. We are forever grateful that we found such a wonderful place to send our son. Benjamin loves going to Ginny’s

​Ben & Melissa
Dear Ginny, Your enthusiasm and caring is contagious. You are an amazing teacher a loveable friend, and an unforgettable woman. Your charisma and relationship with the kids is a truly unique gift we have received, and it especially shows in our little boy. David has developed his talent under your care, he has found a balance between having fun and following the rules, he loves going to school, he feels safe, challenged and is encouraged to learn, to ask, to question…. Your two gifts to him were to have found a solid foundation for his personality and have been surrounded by love, by care and by encouragement.

​Truly, THANK YOU. We love you and will carry you in our hearts forever David, Lida, Greg (and Adam)
Dear Bianca, You are so sweet, so caring, so supportive. We have been lucky to have found you. David adores you. Thank you so much for all your hard work, your love, your tenderness towards David.

​Many hugs, David and Lida
Ginny, Even though Douglas is staying one more year, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you and Bianca do. You truly love all the children and it shines through every day. Douglas and I both love Willows and I am grateful that he has been able to enjoy the past few years with you.

​Douglas and Kristin
Dear Ms. Ginny Ethan has flourished in all aspects while under your care.He loves Willows, loves all of his teachers and all his friends. He will miss you terribly.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the care, all the support, and all the love for my boy.

Many hugs,Ethan and Susan