Willows is located in a quiet residential area in Wassenaar, only a few minutes away from the American School of the Hague. The school building provides a bright, modern and friendly learning environment with secure indoor and outdoor play areas.

The playschool operates between 9:00am-1:00pm and between 1:00pm-4:00pm, Monday to Friday, with the afternoon sessions focusing on creative development.
The curriculum at Willows is based upon learning through play, and is designed to develop, at a comfortable pace, the young learners' cognitive, social, emotional, motor, language and thinking skills. The sessions include a balance of age-appropriate indoor play activities, music, "circle time", creative art work, outdoor play, conversation and group activities. Children also receive individual educational attention; emphasis is placed on developing a one-to-one relationship with each child to ensure that his or her developmental needs are being met.

Structured sessions
preschool curriculum
English as a second language
Social and physical development

Free play
Playground area
Safe, supervised

Structured play
Learning to share
​Communicate, interact with peers

Fun secure environment
Small group
6 to 1 ratio
​One-to-one individual attention
Depending on the child’s needs and abilities
Consistent staff – to ensure familiarity and security

Creative development
Crafts, puzzles, painting, music and movement

Our school

Positive first start